Friday, April 26, 2013

"Multimedia-ize" Your Display Ads with Embedded Playback Widgets

Simple banner and other format (e.g., box) display ads are usually static .jpg or .png images that solicit site visitors to "click through" to more information; i.e., the core message or "call to action" such as registering to attend a webinar or live event or to download a white paper, etc.

Aside from using eye-catching graphics and concise text, there's really little else that display ads can do to entice visitors to click on the ad and take the desired action. The formats of these ads are usually set in stone and do not allow for much detailed information to be delivered in an compelling format.

Pharma Marketing Network offers more value to our advertisers who purchase display ads to run on the network by "multimedia-izing" the ad! That is, we take your simple static image and combine with an embedded widget to playback an audio or video clip or even display a Twitter timeline. An example of a display ad with an embedded audio playback widget is shown in the image below:

(click on image for an enlarged view)

In this particular case, the ad appears on Pharma Marketing Blog. The top portion of the ad is what you might see in a typical simple display ad; i.e., a combination of graphics and text that links to the sponsor's landing page.

Inserted at the bottom is a widget that allows viewers of the ad to play back a short, 1 to 2 minute audio snippet from an Pharma Marketing Talk interview or a PharmaGuy Audio Snippet. Youtube videos and Twitter timelines can also be embedded within display ads.

So, which is more compelling and likely to generate clickthroughs? A simple graphical display ad or an audio-enhanced display ad as described above?

For details about display ads of all types -- including audio-enhanced display ads -- please contact

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Effective Conference Promotion Requires More Than a "Contra" Media Partner Deal

Many conference promoters request a free listing in the Web version of the Pharma Marketing Network (PMN) Conference Calendar, in exchange for "Media Partner Recognition." The latter usually includes placing the PMN logo and link somewhere on the conference site -- either at the bottom of the conference home page or on an internal Media Partner page. Sometimes, such recognition also includes a short paragraph description and inclusion of the PMN logo in the printed conference brochure that is handed out to attendees.

These "contra" deals are valuable to conference producers who often must promote their conferences on a limited budget and PMN is happy to help our clients reach their goals while at the same time informing our Web audience of interesting pharmaceutical industry conferences.

But let's look at some numbers to see if  a pure "contra" deal is the best option for your conference.

The Web version of the Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar receives over 2,500 unique visits PER WEEK. Usually, for strict swap deals, the listing of your conference begins 45 days prior to the event. Thus, your conference listing is potentially seen by over 16,000 visitors! So, getting your conference listed in this calendar is very valuable.

A version of the PMN conference calendar -- Conference Calendar Update -- is sent via email to all 8,000 Pharma Marketing News subscribers every 2 weeks. It is the emailed version of the Update that generates the greatest number of clickthroughs.

If you just promote your conference via a Media Partner contra deal, your conference only appears in the Web calendar and NOT in the Update email version sent to all subscribers. The result is fewer clickthroughs on your conference listing.

Here's a typical timeline showing the clickthroughs on a conference that is listed in BOTH calendars:

Notice how many more clicks this conference gets from the email Update version of the calendar (the tall bars). A pure Media Partnership contra deal only gets you about 25% or less of the potential clickthroughs you would get with a paid, discounted Media Partnership deal that includes the listing in the Update.

Obviously, neither PMN nor its clients can reach their financial goals via pure "contra" Media Partner deals alone. Sometimes you need a more integrated, paid campaign that is more likely to get you results. What you pay for this -- at a discounted Media Partner rate -- can be a fraction of the return you are likely to get in increased registration fees.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Social Media Enhanced Email Campaigns

Pharma Marketing News email blasts reach a much wider audience than the thousands of PMNews subscribers. Through the PharmaGuy social media network, these ads reach tens of thousands of additional qualified pharmaceutical executives over an extended period of time. The following is a typical timeline for an Social Media & Web Enhanced email ad campaign that includes an optional repeat email blast.

(click on image for an enlarged view)
As soon as the email blast is sent to all Pharma Marketing News subscribers, a tweet is posted to the @pharmaguy and @PharmMktingAds Twitter accounts. These tweets summarize the topic of the e-mail blast and link to the Web version of the ad, which contains all the same information and links as the original ad and which is available online for an indefinite period. 

A widget of the @PharmMktingAds Twitter timeline is automatically updated to include the e-mail tweet. This widget is embedded in the sidebar of Pharma Marketing Blog as well as many Pharma Marketing Network pages (see the "Messages from Our Sponsors" widget in the right hand column of this page). The ad remains in the widget up to 4 weeks during which time its position within the widget may change (to a lower position) as new ads are sent out.

Within a day after the e-mail blast is sent, the ad copy is also posted to the Pharma Marketing News Topic Page (here), which is curated by PharmaGuy. Simultaneously, a post is made to the @pharamaguy Twitter account. This post links to the version of the ad, which contains all the same information and links as the original ad.

Content Marketing Option
If the content of the ad is informational versus strictly promotional, it may qualify to be reproduced as a post to the PharmaGuy LinkedIn page. Examples of informational email blasts are those that contain invitations to download white papers, research results, presentations, etc.

If the ad is graphical -- includes images, logos, banners, etc. -- it is also pinned to Pharmaguy's Pinterest page (specifically to the "Advertisers Board"). The "pin" of the ad links to the full Web version of the email blast. It also includes a comment from Pharmaguy about the offer; highlighting a special discount for example. The pin remains on the board for at least 30 days or until the offer expires or the conference is over.

NOTE: All Pharma Marketing News email blasts are Social Media Enhanced as described above. Advertisers can also purchase a “Social Media Campaign,” which consists of a series of 6 Twitter tweets by @pharmaguy sent over a period of 2 to 3 weeks. These tweets can be coordinated with the email campaign, but do not necessarily link to the Web version of the email ad; links lead directly to the sponsor’s designated landing page(s) and use tracking URLs as pacified by the sponsor.