Monday, April 11, 2011

Pharma Marketing Talk Podcast: More Than 15 Minutes of Fame!

As of July, 2012, Pharma Marketing Talk podcasts have been listened to a total of about 192,000 times. 2012 podcasts have received, on average, nearly 1,800 listens each and a few have received 3,000, 6,000, 8,000 or 10,000 listens. Of course, by now even more people have listened to these shows, which typically run about 30 minutes in length.

[For an update, see Pharma Marketing Talk: 2012 Stats and Top 5 Shows]

Each podcast is promoted before and after the interview to the thousands of subscribers to Pharma Marketing News, followers of @Pharmaguy on Twitter, and readers of Pharma Marketing Blog. This promotion gives our guest clients much more than 15 minutes of fame within the online pharma community!

Here is how podcasts are promoted via the Network:
  • Podcast promotion page, which includes a summary of the discussion topic, lists of guests (including short bios), background information, list of topics and/or questions to be discussed, links to additional resources (eg, white papers, press releases, etc.) and, of course, information about listening or calling in to the live show. This promo page (see an example here) remains on the Pharma Marketing Network indefinitely.
  • The podcast is included in the Pharma Marketing Talk RSS Feed and posts made to this feed are AUTOMATICALLY posted as threads in the Pharma Marketing Talk Forum where it gets added social media and search engine visibility!
  • Listing the podcast in the online Conference Calendar. The listing includes the title of podcast, date and time of podcast, short description of podcast, photo of guest, and link to the podcast promotion  page. See example below (click on image for enlarged view).
  • One or two Tweets about the podcast via  the @Pharmaguy Twitter account is posted before AND after the live interview/discussion.
  • A Playback Widget for the show is available after the show is archived on BlogTalkRadio and iTunes. This widget is included in the podcast promo page so that the audio is played back as soon as the page is accessed. Guests can also copy this widget and place in on their web sites and/or blogs. 

For more information about Pharma Marketing Talk podcasts click here. If you are interested in being a guest on a Pharma Marketing Talk podcast, please fill out this ONLINE FORM today! or call 215-504-4164 or e-mail