Sunday, February 24, 2013

Embed Your Conference Twitter Timeline in the PMN Calendar Page

Many conferences have associated Twitter hash tags that are used to
  1. promote the conference prior to the event, 
  2. gather tweets made during the conference, and 
  3. keep the conversation going after the conference.
IIRUSA's ePharma conference, for example, uses the #epharma hash tag. The actual dynamic Tweet stream/timeline for this hash tag can be seen in the following widget:

A version of this same widget can be placed on the online Pharma Marketing Conference Calendar page as shown in this screen shot:

(click on the image for an enlarged view)

The widget is essentially a dynamic, interactive ad. As more tweets are made using the hash tag, the widget is automatically updated to display the latest tweet at the top. Visitors can scroll down to see previous tweets and click on links within tweets. Thus, the entire history of offers and highlights related to the conference is available within this single widget. You control the content.

A hash tag widget gives your conference extra visibility within the online Calendar, which receives over 2,500 unique visitors per week. Depending on your needs, we keep the widget on the page above the fold for 2 weeks, one month, or longer.

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