Friday, March 22, 2013

Topics of Interest to Pharma Marketing News Subscribers & Pharmaguy Followers

Advertisers often ask questions such as "How many of your subscribers are involved in data or marketing analytics and market research?" One way to answer this question is by surveying Pharma Marketing News (PMN) subscribers and Pharmaguy™ Twitter followers to learn more about our audience and their interests.

Without further ado, here are the results of surveys to date. Remember, every e-mail ad (blast) sent to the PMN subscriber list is also posted to the Pharma Marketing Network® web site. When the e-mail goes out, a tweet is also sent to Pharmaguy followers -- learn more about them here -- with a link to the Web version of the e-mail blast. In addition, the ad is also summarized with a link in a "Messages from Our Sponsors" widget (see an example on the right) embedded on the most-visited pages of the Pharma Marketing Network. Thus, your ad reaches many more pharma professionals than just our subscribers and followers.

Topics of Interest to PMN Subscribers (N = 437)
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Topics of Interest to Pharmaguy Followers (N = 2032)
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