Friday, January 4, 2013

Featured Conference Listing Doubles Clickthroughs

The Pharma Marketing Network Conference Calendar is a great place to get your meeting, webinar, podcast, or any other event noticed by the pharmaceutical community. At any given time, there are two dozen or more events listed chronologically in the main calendar page located here. This calendar is also sent out by email to thousands Pharma Marketing News subscribers and by Twitter to many more thousands of @Pharmaguy followers every other Monday. Depending on how long your event is listed, you can expect several hundred clickthroughs as a result of this "push-pull" promotion.

But if you want to get even more exposure, especially within a specific timeframe (i.e., during the "Early Bird" registration phase), you might consider a Featured Conference Listing, which puts your conference at the TOP of the page in a highlighted box. Here's an example of a recent Featured Conference Listing (click on the image to view a full-sized version of this screen shot):

As you can see, a Featured Listing includes:
  1. a “Featured Conference” box at top of conference calendar page; 
  2. a large banner (528 x 91 pixels); and
  3. a short paragraph that can include tag line, special offer, short description, etc. 
The typical Featured Conference Listing runs for 2 weeks online, plus one insertion in the Conference Calendar Update email version sent to PMN subscribers every two weeks. Of course, you can purchase more than two weeks.

A real case study illustrates how a Featured Conference Listing can generate twice (or more) the number of clickthroughs than what a chronological listing generates. The following chart shows the daily clicks for both the Featured Conference Listing ("f" clicks) and the chronological listing ("c" clicks) of the same conference from 19 November 2012 through 4 January 2013.

During the time period noted, the chronological listing, which in this case was an ENHANCED LISTING (i.e., included a small graphical banner, larger font and tag line), generated 88 clickthroughs ("c" clicks). During the same period, the Featured Conference Listing generated 270 clickthroughs ("f" clicks). Note the peaks in the chart every two weeks when the email version is sent out to subscribers and @Pharmaguy Twitter followers. In this particular case, the Featured Conference Listing ran for about 6 and one-half weeks. The chronological listing, meanwhile, ran for about 12 weeks and generated a total of 217 clickthroughs. Do the math: f/c = 270/217 = 1.24. In other words, the Featured Conference Listing more than doubled the number of clickthroughs! QED.

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