Friday, April 26, 2013

"Multimedia-ize" Your Display Ads with Embedded Playback Widgets

Simple banner and other format (e.g., box) display ads are usually static .jpg or .png images that solicit site visitors to "click through" to more information; i.e., the core message or "call to action" such as registering to attend a webinar or live event or to download a white paper, etc.

Aside from using eye-catching graphics and concise text, there's really little else that display ads can do to entice visitors to click on the ad and take the desired action. The formats of these ads are usually set in stone and do not allow for much detailed information to be delivered in an compelling format.

Pharma Marketing Network offers more value to our advertisers who purchase display ads to run on the network by "multimedia-izing" the ad! That is, we take your simple static image and combine with an embedded widget to playback an audio or video clip or even display a Twitter timeline. An example of a display ad with an embedded audio playback widget is shown in the image below:

(click on image for an enlarged view)

In this particular case, the ad appears on Pharma Marketing Blog. The top portion of the ad is what you might see in a typical simple display ad; i.e., a combination of graphics and text that links to the sponsor's landing page.

Inserted at the bottom is a widget that allows viewers of the ad to play back a short, 1 to 2 minute audio snippet from an Pharma Marketing Talk interview or a PharmaGuy Audio Snippet. Youtube videos and Twitter timelines can also be embedded within display ads.

So, which is more compelling and likely to generate clickthroughs? A simple graphical display ad or an audio-enhanced display ad as described above?

For details about display ads of all types -- including audio-enhanced display ads -- please contact